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Do you need your own Loss Adjuster?

Have you been affected by storm, fire or water damage?

Is there evidence of “subsidence” in your home?
Has your business suffered an event which affects normal business continuity etc?
We are members of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA) which means that we can act for both Insurers and Policyholders.

If you have a claim, your insurance company will instruct a Loss Adjuster and it is essential that you have somebody on your side and in this respect as the only Chartered firm established in Munster, our involvement on your behalf means the following:

  1. Our loss adjusting experience and expertise provides at the very least parity with Insurers experts and ensures that you are properly represented and your interests fully protected.
  2. We know how Insurers operate and what information they need to settle claims and how best to present it.
  3. We have credibility with the insurance market and a strong reputation for professionalism and integrity.
  4. We use our technical capability to present your case to the best advantage and optimise the claim settlement.
  5. We adopt a collaborative approach with the Insurers Experts/Loss Adjusters but at the same time challenge any inappropriate or unnecessary practices where necessary.


The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA) website has a “help for Policyholders” section as follows:

Q. “Why should I appoint a Chartered Loss Adjuster rather than a Loss Assessor?”

A. “Chartered Loss Adjusters are experienced claims professionals qualified through examination. Members of the Institute operate under a Royal Charter and are subject to the Institute’s Code Of Conduct. All Chartered Loss Adjusters are FSA (Central Bank in Ireland) regulated”.

Q. “Do I need a Loss Adjuster for a small claim?”

A. “As a general guide you should consider appointing a Loss Adjuster for claims over €10,000”.

Q. “Will my Insurance Broker help me with my claim?”.

A. “If you are insured through a Broker, they often help with your claim. However Brokers generally do not have the claims expertise of a Chartered Loss Adjuster although they may well offer advice which could include the appointment of a Chartered Loss Adjuster to represent you”.

Currently Alan FitzGerald is the only Chartered Loss Adjuster based in and operating from Cork city.
10B South Bank, Crosses Green, Cork.
T: 021 4311979

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