Escape of Water Damage Claims

Insurance claims due to Escape of Water Damage

These claims can involve minor damage to carpeting or extensive damage to floor slabs. We have a list of specialist contractors who can detect leaks and therefore minimise the extent of excavation and repair work. It is important to know that domestic insurance Policies have limited “trace and access” cover, usually not exceeding €800.

With the advent of higher “excesses” (€750 to €1,500) and No Claims Bonuses, the frequency of these type of claims is lower. However water can go undetected for some time resulting in significant damage. “Subsidence” claims are dealt with under the escape of water contingency as damage is caused by escape of water leading to localised movement.


“I engaged Alan Fitzgerald of Property Assess to present and negotiate my claim for water damage at my property. He negotiated a figure that was completely acceptable to me and notwithstanding the obstacles put in place by the insurance company Property Assess were able to secure release of the arbitrary figure subsequently retained by the insurance Company ( the “retention”) essentially because Alan Fitzgerald understood the policy wording and conditions better than the insurance company and their loss adjuster.”

Michael Murphy , Kinsale
01 February 2011

“Thank you for all the work you did for me. I would not have been able to assess or price the damage myself”.

Margaret Keating
Deerpark, Cork.
01 January 2001

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