Storm Damage Claims

We Specialise in insurance claims arising due to Storm Damage

Storm damage can also include rainstorm and could involve an overflowing of a down pipe causing internal damage. In the event of widespread storm damage, we have a panel of contractors we recommend and we will ensure speedy settlement of your claim and completion of the works to your satisfaction.

There was much debate about damage caused by snow during the Winters of 2010 and 2011. Scottish case Glasgow Training -v- Lombard was often mis-quoted. It was argued that these types of claims are storm within the meaning of the Policy but what was missing was the involvement of wind. A number of these cases were referred to the Ombudsman’s Office but with varying success.


“Thank you for your interventions on my behalf. The insurance company would not have dealt with this matter but for your expertise”

Edward Kehell
Maryborough, Douglas, Cork
13 June 2013

“Many thanks Alan for all your work and the successful outcome in this matter. It is very much appreciated on our behalf”.

Phil & Maura Jones,
Model Farm Road, Cork
14 June 2010

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