Oil Damage or Oil Contamination Claims

We specialise in insurance claims arising from Oil Contamination.

Oil can spread from a supply pipe serving a dwelling house or commercial building unnoticed for some time. Oil forms a plume which can have a devastating effect on the sub-structure. Early intervention and bio-remediation work is essential.

Introduction of nutrients and enhancers and a “pump and treat” approach is essential. We operate with acknowledged Experts in this area and what can appear to be a relatively small problem is, on balance, of more significance when exploratory works are carried out.


“In October 2004 we discovered that our “Stanley” oil burner stove was leaking Kerosene directly into our kitchen area.  Our insurance broker recommended that we retain a Loss Adjuster for our needs and in this case they advised us to retain Alan FitzGerald of FitzGeralds Chartered Loss Adjusters/ Property Assess to handle our claim.  As Alan was experienced in diesel leakage from past claims, and in insurance parlance as this type of claim can be very tricky as diesel soaks everywhere and to gauge this type of claim, it demands professionalism that can only be got from past claims.  In hindsight, this was the best decision we made as without his input and professionalism we would not have returned to our house in a set period and having everything replaced without hassle of agreeing figures which we in fairness would only be guessing at, whereas Alan knew the value of reinstatement and only settled for realistic sums.  This is one claim I would not ever like to experience again.  However, with Property Assess on board, they made the difference from remedying a problem rather than coping with a disaster.”

Vince Cocking,
Midleton, Co. Cork
01 October 2014

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