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June 28, 2012

Nearly a week on from the deluge of 28th June 2012, a significant amount of claims have been notified to Insurers. It is evident that the majority of these cases will be dealt with as “flood” in that water predominantly overflowed and burst the banks or streams of the rivers involved. However there is also “rainstorm” damage with run-offs from fields or when culverts or man made apparatus or storm drains were unable to deal with the volume of water involved.

Already some Insurers are suggesting that their Policies do not cover flood as the properties involved are within a certain distance of riverways or water courses. However it would be necessary for them to have sought specific information in this context in their proposal form or indeed have a specific wording or exclusion on their Policies. Clearly Insurers should be absolutely clear at the outset and should not be adding to the significant trauma already being experienced by Policyholders.

Alan FitzGerald, FCII, FCILA.

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