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Repairing Flooded Buildings

“REPAIRING FLOODED BUILDINGS” – an insurance industry guide to investigation and repair for flood damaged buildings.

Whatever happened to the IIF Statement of General Insurance Practice?

The Statement of General Insurance Practice seems to have been forgotten or ignored.

Composite or Panel Sandwich Systems demystified

There has always been some degree of confusion in relation to Sandwich or Composite Panel Systems.

Zurich Called Out On Policy Withholding

It’s a pity that the Central Bank did not address the fundamental issue in that the holding of retentions on an arbitrary 30% basis is outside the terms and conditions of the policy.

Rainstorms, floods, landslides

Professor Peter Lynch, Professor of Meteorology at University College Dublin predicted that the same “basis physics” relating to the planet’s water cycle will also see Ireland suffer storms of greater intensity with sudden and increased rainfall.

Central Bank of Ireland Property Claims Themed Inspection

See Central Bank comment on retentions below and it would appear that those insurers applying arbitrary retentions will now be under pressure to amend their policy wordings to explain the procedure and how it will apply to claims.Unfortunately the legitimacy or otherwise of the procedure has not been addressed at this point.

Quick Question, do you need your own Loss Adjuster?

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